In spring of 2015 Lezzer Lumber expanded once again into new territory. Capitalizing the evolving Lewisburg area, Lezzer Lumber opened the first stand alone Design Center. The Lezzer Design Center primarily focuses on kitchen and bath design as well as windows and doors. The incredible staff at Lezzer Design Center will set you up with a one of a kind design for your kitchen or bath. You can stop in the showroom and check out some of the beautiful displays that have been cultivated by our vendors for customer inspiration.

Though the stand alone design center is unique for Lezzer Lumber, it is not unique in the dedication to customer service employed by our staff. Lezzer Lumber is new to the Lewisburg area, however the company boasts 90 years in the building materials industry. That kind of longevity comes from a well trained, experienced staff that understands the importance of customer satisfaction. Our designers and sales staff will walk with customers through each step of the process, including the install, and will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the customer has the best possible Lezzer experience. Based on that the Lezzer Design Center offers not only products and design, but install work for your new doors, window, kitchen or bath to minimize the uncertainty of installation errors.

The Lezzer Design Center is an excellent tool for new home builders or remodeling customers to use whether just looking for inspiration or ready to get a project started!


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