In a fast paced world with rising energy expenses some Americans are making the decision to downsize or build small. For some, the smaller size simply means instant savings and living entirely out of necessity, while others take advantage of the smaller space to use higher quality, more efficient materials to. Tiny house have been around for centuries, but since 2009 have been growing more and more in popularity.

Less than a year ago, Kahla McRoberts and her mother, Roxanne, borrowed a Dodge Ram truck and headed west to Chambersburg. Driving on highways and taking extra-wide turns, they hauled a 20-foot trailer back to Lancaster and painstakingly maneuvered it into their neighbor’s yard.

Fast forward 11 months, and that trailer, now bearing a tiny house, headed back west — a lot farther west than Chambersburg this time, to Colorado. And McRoberts, a graphic and website designer and part-time ski instructor, officially became part of the tiny house movement: Not in a house she purchased, but in a tiny house she planned, designed and built.

Why a tiny house? Why build it herself? Because, she says, it combines several of her passions.

We are happy to be involved in such an interesting and unique project. Will Keays, our inside sales representative from Lancaster worked with Kahla and her parents on this project and throughout the process Lezzer was a big supplier for her.  Kahla got all of the Andersen windows, framing, zip system, and tongue and groove pine from us. Read more about Kahla’s journey here.


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