Contractor Sales

Lezzer Lumber Company has a dedicated outside sales staff focused on providing exceptional customer service to all contractors. These trained professionals play a key role in providing value-added services such as: material take-offs, estimating, job site visits as well as delivery coordination and scheduling. Additional Services Provided to Contractors by Lezzer Lumber’s Sales Force:

  • Assistance in the design phase to set up projects using Lezzer-provided engineered floor systems, wall panels and roof trusses
  • Information about new products and meetings with suppliers that provide first-hand knowledge of product features and benefits
  • Evaluation and analysis of contractors' businesses including suggestions to increase productivity, reduce problems and increase efficiency and profitability
  • All services are provided by established professionals who remain in constant contact with the contractor. Job-site visits by the Lezzer sales staff allow the contractor to focus on the job rather than materials and delivery dates.