Lezzer Lumber has been proudly serving the area since 2007. Prior to being a Lezzer Lumber, this location was actually a locally owned J.H. Brubaker. J.H. Brubaker has enjoyed an equally enviable history and at the time of acquisition, Brubaker had two perfect locations for Lezzer Lumber, on in Lancaster and the other in Manheim.

Though to many in the area it seemed that Lezzer Lumber only opened doors in 2007, by then we had already boasted 80 successful years in the business. Lezzer Lumber decided to retain the employees already a part of J.H. Brubaker because at the base of it, Lezzer Lumber and Brubaker shared the same ideals. Brubaker was just as committed to customer service and quality products as Lezzer Lumber and as so the transition from Brubaker to Lezzer Lumber was seamless. Now ten years later, Lezzer Lumber Lancaster is a crucial part of our company.


2008 Marietta Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603


Monday - Friday
6:30 am - 4:30 pm
7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Friendly Staff

Mike Viozzi

(717) 393-7080 ext. 128

General Manager

Robin Beveridge

(717) 393-7080 ext 130


Denise Newcomer, AKBD

(717) 393-7080 ext 155

Kitchen & Bath Design

Jason McLean

(717) 393-7080 ext. 157

Kitchen & Bath Design

Will Keays

(717) 393-7080 ext.

Contractor Sales

Jillian Shumard


Kitchen & Bath Design

Proud Partners