Lezzer Lumber has had a long relationship with Donsco, Inc., based in Wrightsville, Pa. They are a foundry with a machine and pattern shop and also provide engineering services. Donsco is North America’s leading single source provider of machined iron castings. Family owned, it has been in continuous operation for over 100 years.

Aside from purchasing building materials for maintenance and expansion projects for the foundry, they also own and manage 2 restaurants, a wedding venue, several apartment buildings and retail space. Owner Art Mann Jr’s vision has led to the restoration of many buildings in the town of Wrightsville.

Production manager Steve Conti has overseen renovations and expansion of the John Wright building. A restaurant with outdoor seating, a pizza patio and a view of the Susquehanna River is on the ground level. Lezzer Lumber supplied much of the material for the renovations and expansion, with the Mill shop producing folding, full lite doors that lead out to the patio. Donsco manufactured the hardware and track for the doors.

The second floor of this building is a banquet hall where many wedding and other functions take place. Much attention was given to keeping as much of the rustic charm of the century old warehouse as possible.

Recently finished is the third floor which has been transformed into office space and is now leased. Lezzer supplied all doors, stairs and trim as well as lumber for walls and floor. Cabinets were supplied with the expertise of Denise Newcomer.

We appreciate our relationship with Donsco and look forward to additional projects in the future.

Proud Partners