Decks have transformed over the years from a basic rectangular structure off your home to an actual extension of your living space. Bringing that design element to the exterior is a great way to add value to your home and your life. Your deck will add a whole new feature to your home where you can enjoy barbecues with family and friends, or relax outside on a warm, sunny day. Not to mention the addition of a deck increases the value of a home substantially without a giant monetary or time investment.

Decking materials have evolved to make sure you can keep your deck in mint condition through the years. Whether it is a traditional wooden deck with a beautiful protective stain or composite available in a wide variety of colors and accents your deck will become your favorite room not in the house. You can get creative with your deck design or keep it classic with the quality materials and brands that Lezzer Lumber offers customers.

Railing and fencing also add a positive aesthetic to your homestead. The options are endless as railing and fencing come in so many different styles and material types that it's easy to find the right design to complement the look of your deck or home. Don't forget to check out post sleeves and covers!

Railing and Baluster Types





Clear Fiberglass

Outdoor Cabinetry

Wolf Endurance is sturdy aluminum cabinetry for demanding areas, such as decks, patios, garages, and mudrooms. The powder-coated finish and sealed storage will withstand the elements, even in coastal regions. Plus, Wolf Endurance is easy to configure, handle and install, and the price is easy on your wallet.

So go ahead, make your great outdoors even greater with Wolf Endurance.

Decking Materials


Wood is the most cost effective and most common material used in decking. Within the wood family there are more options still. Pressure treated wood is the most commonly used because it is treated to delay splintering, rotting and overall wear. You can also choose tropical hardwoods like Ipe which is a little more expensive and heavier than pressure treated, but tends to last a few more years. Regardless to what wood species is chosen, routine maintenance is required to keep the deck looking good.


Composite decking has become more popular over the years because of the easy maintenance this product provides. Composite requires just a regular pressure washing to ensure that mildew isn't creeping into the material. Composite is not as stiff as wood, but like wood it tends to contract and expand with the changes in temperature.

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