Lezzer Garages & Barns

Short on space to store lawn mowers, leaf blowers and other tools? How about protecting your car from harsh winter weather or just lacking space in general? With a Lezzer Lumber Garage Package or Pole Barn, we make it easy to construct a building in no time!

Lezzer Lumber garage packages offer three different sizes depending on how the needed space. Customers can choose either stick built or paneled for their garage. Once the customer has made a selection, Lezzer Lumber will package roof trusses, framing materials, siding, roofing, windows and doors all on one truck and deliver them to your jobsite! Lezzer Lumber pole buildings have a similar offering. You choose the size that will suit the property and Lezzer Lumber will build the package for the customer. Customers can choose from the basic shell materials, such as vinyl siding and asphalt shingles or perhaps metal siding and roofing. Regardless to the choice, the customer can then customize the package to include as many windows and doors as needed. A customer may also decide to go a step further and include finishing materials to insulate and drywall the structure. Lezzer Lumber can provide customers with all of theses choices and more.

For customers looking for an even more substantial structure to house large equipment, farm storage, even livestock or horse barns, Lezzer Lumber has the answer. K-Buildings are an efficient and cost effective structure that is attractive and durable to the elements. K-Buildings offer clear span widths from 24’ to 100’ and sidewall heights from 8’ to 20’ and by combining design flexibility with a variety of options each building can be customized to ideally suite each individual customer. The mainframe is made of steel with wood purlin and girt design creating a very cost efficient building with incomparable strength and longevity.



Standard Packages Available in:
16'x24', 24'x24', 24'x32', 32'x24'

Customization and additional sizes available.
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Standard Packages Available in:
16'x24', 24'x24', 24'x32', 32'x24', 30'x40', 40'x60'

Customization and additional sizes available.
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Materials Included

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses from our very own Lezzer operated Truss Plant. Specifically manufactured for the individual packages.

Framing Materials

Everything you need to construct the building - whether panelized or stick built.


Lezzer siding options are endless! Choose from a large selection of colors, textures and materials for the perfect design of your structure.

Roofing Material

The variety of which Lezzer Lumber can offer you in terms of shingles or metal roofing is extensive. Find the perfect match to your current shingles or pick a whole new complimentary material or color.

Windows and Doors

Whatever style you are looking for to accent your garage, Lezzer Lumber can and will provide!