Weather in Pennsylvania is always confusing – it can be cold in June and warm in December. Are your windows prepared to handle the variations in the four seasons? At Lezzer Lumber we know the importance of quality windows, they can help your home become more energy efficient, architecturally enhance the exterior, create greater interior living space, and add elegant design elements all while allowing natural light to pour in.

Whether you are looking for new construction windows or replacement windows for an old home, Lezzer Lumber has you covered. We offer a variety of window types including casement, double hung bay, skylights, awning, and gliding with a variety of options in color and finish. Visit your local Lezzer Lumber showroom to check out our Window displays and meet with a sales associate to discuss the brands we support.

Types of Windows

New Construction



Double Hung



Bay & Bow




Wood windows add so much to both the interior and exterior of a home. It is a classic, high-end look that really shows off the architectural integrity of the home. There are the beautiful hardwood species that show off their natural wood grain or you could select a paint grade species to capture the your creativity with color.


Vinyl windows have been dominating the market over the last decade because of cost effectiveness. Vinyl is a natural insulator (as is wood) so you benefit from energy efficiency as well. With new technology it's possible to get a vinyl window with a wood grain look, giving you double bang for your buck.


Windows featuring fiberglass have great durability and are an easy no maintenance solution. Fiberglass also offers super insulation protection from the outside weather. Fiberglass windows come in wide varieties of colors, texture and size.

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