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For many remodelers, the selections process has become the longest and most frustrating step in the process of completing a remodel or custom build. That’s because clients are now inundated with a wide range of choices for every selection, which means they take longer to make decisions. When you combine ample product choices with access to endless product information on the internet, homeowners are left feeling overwhelmed, stressed and uncertain about their decisions.

According to remodeling expert Mark Richardson, there are several things a contractor can do to help a client successfully (and quickly) navigate the selection process.

Set a clear timeline for decision-making. Let the client know in writing when each decision needs to be made, and remind them thathow soon they can enjoy their new space depends on timely selections. Help them to keep the end goal in mind.

Use the power of three. Help the homeowner avoid confusion yet enjoy the decision-making process by narrowing down the options to three selections you would recommend. For example, when it’s time to decide on a siding material, offer vinyl, brick and engineered wood, and take the time to explain the benefits of each siding selection.

Control the budget. Some clients may be easily distracted during this complicated process and forgetful of the budget implications of their selections. Help them to stay focused on products that are within the budget. If they lean toward fiber cement siding yet it’s out of the desired price range, offer a similarly durable product such as LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding as a suitable alternative.

Make it fun. Choosing siding and making other selections can be time-consuming and anxiety-inducing, but try to make the experience as fun as possible. Help your clients enjoy the process and celebrate the completion of each step.

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