The current fleet consists of truck tractors, vans, curtain-side trucks, flatbeds and boom trucks and can handle all aspects of our customers’ delivery needs. Lezzer’s boom trucks enable deliveries of up to 4,000 pounds and as high as 33 feet, while our trailer-mounted piggyback forklifts aid in efficient on-site unloading with a lift capacity of 5,500 pounds. The trailer mounted forklifts can be unloaded from the trailer in one minute, allowing the customer’s material to be unloaded and placed exactly where it needs to be.

In addition to our regular boom trucks, Lezzer’s also provides service with our knuckle boom crane trucks. The knuckle boom crane provides delivery of wall panels to decking and the offloading of roof trusses. The maximum reach of the knuckle boom crane is 62 feet and 8 inches with a maximum load capacity of 1,475 to 20,670 pounds.The knuckle boom trucks allow us to place your loads where you want them, keeping your job-site organized. Knuckle boom crane services are available from our Lezzer Truss System location. With the delivery capabilities offered, customers can expect to save time and money, even if job-site delivery involves unusual circumstances.

No matter where a job-site is, Lezzer Lumber is there to service its customers. Deliveries are dispatched on a daily basis from any one of our 11 locations across the state. Delivery service is also provided to the surrounding states of Maryland, Ohio, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia and the District of Columbia. These delivery capabilities will continue to develop in the future.

Lezzer Lumber’s goal is to provide the best customer service available. With our diverse delivery capabilities, professional staff and knowledgeable drivers, we are positive that our customers will be completely satisfied.

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