Unbelievable – they took a potentially bad experience and turned it around completely.  Matt Dixon @ Lezzer Lumber State College helped me order a single replacement screen.  Unfortunately when it arrived, it was the wrong part number.  As it turned out, the fault was at the supplier, not Lezzer Lumber.  What happened next really blew me away – enough to make me write this review.  Matt first called Andersen and got another on order, letting them know this was not Lezzer’s fault.  It was going to be there in 2 days, which for me wasn’t going to meet my project deadline.  Then Matt searched for 15 minutes and was able to locate a screen for me to take that very day.  There is more to the store, but I am pleasantly surprised at the level or effort and professionalism that was put forth.  Well done Lezzer Lumber

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